Startup Marketing Tips

Getting your startup off the ground can often feel like a catch-22. Without a successful marketing campaign, you’re unable to acquire the business necessary to grow your company. But without the business, how can you afford the marketing to attract more? These few simple steps will help get that necessary exposure while saving your precious pennies.

Many startups fail within the first two years of operation thanks to poor scaling and money management issues. It’s exactly because of this that proper marketing skills are necessary to spread the word about your company using the most cost effective means. Overspending in the marketing department will sink your chances of success long before you get rolling. A cheap and effective way to receive widespread exposure is to use social media to your advantage. Find a platform that best fits your business, and use its built in audience to your advantage. In this digital era, the potential to have video or audio go viral is very real, and the marketing power of one successful viral video is more than money can buy.

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Develop a referral program or offer incentives to those who share positive reviews about your company. When conducted during the initial days of a launch, a company stands to gain serious word-of-mouth traction through customer to customer referrals. While doling out incentives in the form of discounts early in the life of your business may seem counterintuitive, genuine feedback is crucial when building positive buzz.

Partner yourself with a successful company in your industry. Beyond establishing your brand as an authority in the field, using the notoriety of a well-known entity can make for some powerful marketing opportunities. Don’t be afraid to stand on the shoulders of giants. By positioning yourself in a positive way today, you can lend your influence to the next startup looking to you for help.

Create eye-catching and interesting content. When designing a business card, you want to stick in your customers mind while remaining true to your industry. Your business card is the calling card of your company, and a well-crafted card sticks in the mind long after the first meeting. Approach your website with the same gusto you bring to the creation of your business card. Diversify the offerings on your website and be sure to include a variety of different articles. Not only will diverse information help your Google ranking, it will help establish your business as an authority in the field in the eyes of consumers.

Using these simple tips are some of the ways your company can pinch pennies while getting exposure. Simple, easy and relatively inexpensive, these steps can ensure you get the most mileage out of your marketing dollars.