Small Business Marketing

One of the most important aspects in maintaining a small business is to know how to market it. According a an article written by Business Coach Terry Corbell, there are many ways to market your own small business as long as you act on preliminary efforts and focus your time on various marketing techniques. Here’s a recap on what he said:

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First, Corbell notes that a small business owners number one priority to be to market his or her business, especially after those foundational phases are developed and running smoothing. He suggests, “Avoid complacency. Even on bad-hair days, don’t let up. Even when revenue is good and you’re really busy, don’t get complacent. The point is this – decreasing your marketing investment to save money will hurt you both short and long term. Be relentless,” (Corbell, The 8 Best Practices to Win in Small Business Marketing).That being said, looking for ways to expand your marketing department is a great start to making marketing your number one priority. Many companies will gear their focus elsewhere, but smaller businesses especially need to have strong marketing techniques.

Next, Corbell advises to create an approach to marketing that is diversified and integrated. He says to “whenever possible, remember a single marketing medium should not eat up the entire budget. You should have a marketing mix of public relations and paid advertising,” (Corbell, The 8 Best Practices to Win in Small Business Marketing). Having an appropriate assortment of marketing strategies will not only help your company reach a broader range of clientele, but it will help you save money and in turn aid in your company’s overall profit.

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Another great marketing technique according to Terry Corbell is to be socially conscience. This means marketing your company in ways the public will appreciate. Whether it’s going green and creating energy-saving products, or teaming up with a nonprofit organization in order to show that your company stands behind a particular cause, cause-related marketing is always a good idea. Corbell explains:

“Don’t underestimate the power of cause-related marketing because it can get you a double-digit percentage in higher sales. And it helps to be environmentally conscious, which means you’ll be able to expand your customer base by branding your business as green,” (Corbell, The 8 Best Practices to Win in Small Business Marketing).

For more information on how to market your small business and reasons why marketing should be on the top of your list of priorities, check out Terry Corbell’s article published in The Biz Coach here.