Owning Your Own Business

Susie Almaneih small-business-saturdayStarting a business can be a fun and exciting adventure. The future is wide open, and every decision you make as your own boss is in service of the company you built. Though not for the feint of heart, forging your own path as an entrepreneur can be freeing and fun, placing you in charge of your own destiny. What other ways can making this leap benefit your future?

Put succinctly by Kasey Gahler, “One reason to own your own business is the ability to direct the culture of your company.” Mr. Gahler, a financial planner, left a career in a prominent company to start Gahler Financial. Having full control over what your company says and the way in which it’s said allows you to manage your own image, rather than languish under a direction you may not agree with.

Similarly, owning your own business allows you to set your own balance between work and life. Work from home, on the go, an island or bed, all viable options for the business owner. Your happiness belongs to you, and any schedule you choose to set for yourself is on your terms. To some, the ability to spend more time with the family means a world of difference, and only the freedom that comes with owning your own business can afford you that opportunity.

Along with choosing the direction of your business, you can surround yourself with handpicked professionals. Being the driving force of your company allows you the benefit of choosing only those that work best with you and your vision. As the one responsible for your company’s future, you’re in charge of stocking it with the best possible candidates to assist you in ensuring that future.

While starting your own business comes with its own risks, they shouldn’t stop you from fulfilling your goal. Any dream worth having can be attained if you have the grit and determination to make it so. The life of an entrepreneur may not be an easy one, but its rewards belong solely to those brave enough to meet the challenge.