Implementing a Mobile Strategy

Having a strong communication system within a business is what can make or break the company’s success. Being able to communicate both internally within the office and externally to other clients is extremely vital. Therefore, here are some “Dos” and “Don’ts” that Exact Market, a highly regarded marketing firm in California’s Discovery Bay area, urges you consider when it comes to implementing your own mobile strategy:

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First, let’s discuss some of the “Dos”: Exact Market suggests you DO meet with the Human Resources or Legal Team within your company. This is so that you can make sure your business is ready to gain a telework policy. Sometimes, businesses just simply aren’t at that level or they need to consider various confidentiality agreements before doing so. In addition, your company should find a solution that works the same way your company does. For example, Exact Market explains:
“Make sure you are A) using the best possible solution for your business and B) that the right fit also accommodates consumer mobile devices like tablets and smart phones. It’s uncommon these days that specialized software doesn’t have an accompanying app or remote access, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that app is a great option for your employees,” (Exact Market, Dos and Don’ts to Consider When Implementing a Mobile Strategy).

Another “Do” Exact Market recommends for companies is that they set up multiple consultations with various software manufacturers and services providers. Many of these firms make huge investments so they can develop innovative mobile technologies and are more than likely willing to share their ideas with prospective clients in order to determine what option in the best fit for your business.

Now, onto the “Don’ts” for your company to be aware of when it comes to implementing a mobile strategy: First, Exact Market suggests that you should not assume there is strictly one option, explaining how, “Many businesses make the mistake of assuming they have two choices: a basic, legacy phone system or an excessive enterprise PBX system. It’s a big market out there with new options entering the picture all the time,”(Exact Market, Dos and Don’ts to Consider When Implementing a Mobile Strategy).

Exact Market also suggests that a company should not invest in communications systems that don’t scale or adapt. Investing in an inflexible phone system will limit your company’s ability to accommodate growth, even if that growth is in a few years time. You don’t want to get stuck with a system that does not have the ability to adapt to new changes in the technology world, which this day and age are extremely frequent.

Of course, there are many other “Dos” and “Don’ts” you should consider in regard to implementing a mobile strategy for your company. Please check out Exact Market’s website to find out more.