For Spring Cleaning Inside and Out, Boss Mom Deserves a Little Bonus


In this season of rejuvenation, make sure you do some things that will help you bloom.

Spring is arguably one of the busiest seasons of the year. Emerging from the shorter days and cold weather necessarily gets our collective engine revving. No matter what industry you work in, you are likely about to see a big surge in energy.

And on the home-front, things are no less crazy: it’s test-taking season, garden planting season, with recital and graduation season right around the corner. It’s exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. That’s why now is a great time to look around at some ways to go into the next few months feeling relaxed, confident, and organized. Below are a few clever ideas to bring in the new for you, so that you can orchestrate a great spring and summer for your team at home and at work.

1. Get your taxes sorted.

Sure, we started with the least pleasant task, but you know better than anybody that you have to get that off your desk now, rather than fight the rush in April. Block out one afternoon, send the kids to the movies, and overhaul your desk, eliminating errant pieces of paper and crossing off the pesky tasks that only you can do. This scrapes the plate for
you mentally and puts you out ahead of the pressure.

2. Deep clean the house.

You can outsource the scrubbing to one of your teens or your cleaning service, but going through the closets, garage, old boxes, and dressers is something everyone can do to pare down and start fresh. Avoid the temptation to complicate your organization system by buying a bunch of containers. Try instead to consolidate media digitally, put things to use, or make a large pile that you either garage sale or donate. Other ideas: rearrange the furniture, plant some flowers or veggie starts in the garden, or switch the art around on the walls.

3. Clean house at work.

Gather your team and do a big picture evaluation. Where are we succeeding, where are we lacking? It can be enormously helpful to draw back from the work and examine the process from the long view, and by doing so collaboratively, you invite a fresh influx of ideas and motivation.

4. Go on a cleanse.

Take it easy, it sounds scarier than it is. No one is suggesting starvation, but a week or 10 days before the Easter Break is a great time to lighten your eating to white meat or vegetarian, cut out sugar and alcohol, and boost your water intake. The first few days feel pretty lousy, but by day four or five, Mama’s got a whole new bag. And the family can handle giving up pizza and soda for 10 days. Really, they can!

5. Go to the spa.

Now we get into reward territory: consider a deep tissue massage, an Infrared detox sauna, or a vitamin facial. These simple, inexpensive ways of flushing out what you might call the “grit of life” will leave you feeling younger, stronger, and more energized.

6. Get beautiful, make a change.

Are you sick of your look? Feeling older? Remember that is winter talking, and we have the opportunity to shake that negative stuff off. If you have been considering a new hair style, a change of pace fashion-wise, or maybe new glasses, go ahead and spoil yourself so you can sport that new look for spring break.

7. Quiet time to reassess.

If you don’t use any of these other suggestions, just too busy or not a high priority, that’s cool, but don’t cheat yourself on this one. Carve out two hours to go someplace calming, preferably natural, and bring your journal. Give yourself a chance to settle with your thoughts, examine your goals, and take a good look at places you can improve. Even if you do this as a matter of course, take a break from your usual environment for this check-in with yourself. These periods of reflection will invite in more clarity and more resolve.

You are in charge and you carry a heavy load of responsibilities, so balance your spring maintenance with some well-deserved healthy treats. Your positive energy will be infectious to the people around you if your take care of yourself. So in essence by indulging yourself a bit, everyone wins.