Eye Candy: Tech and Trendy Treats for Your Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is one of those holidays that’s kind of like an extra birthday; you appreciate the kind thought, but you also don’t expect much from it. Keep in mind, though, that for your family, it’s a big deal to do something special for you.

And if you are like most moms, you have a collection of clay figurines and handmade cards, and maybe some well-meaning jewelry that you feel compelled to put on to show your significant other you like it. Right?

Here’s a radical new idea: you get something you really want and can really use this year for Mother’s Day. You may even have a mental list of things you want but haven’t found the time to buy, or feel frivolous spending the money on yourself. Well, this is an invitation to do away with those excuses and straight up ask for the little thing that will make your life a little more delicious. After all, it’s spring, and there is no better time to pamper yourself. And if this seems a little unconventional, remember that your Mother’s Day is an opportunity for your family to make you happy, and so giving them a nudge will make their job easier too.

1. Oregon Scientific Aromatherapy Clock

You will actually look forward to waking up in the morning with this brilliant device. Offering a combination of sound, diffused fragrance, and soothing light, this little gadget lifts you gently out of sleep through a subtle relaxation period. A few dreamy nights with this thing and you will wake up feeling revived and energized.

2. Fitbit

It seems like a silly thing, but once you harness the information this little gizmo tells you, you will really see how small adjustments in schedule and effort work to your advantage. A healthy mom is a happy mom!

3. Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphones

You haven’t heard silence until you put these babies on. They are great for the office, when you work from home, or blocking out the noises on the plane when you travel. Get ready for crystal clear audio and no interference.

4. Original Art

Thanks to the Internet, you can find incredibly beautiful paintings, drawings, prints, and sculptures from up-and-coming talent. Find something you want to look at everyday on sites like zatista.com and gallerytoday.com.

5. Baby Your Face

Chantecaille’s Save the Bees Eye & Cheek Palette net-a-porter.com is next-level pampering with limited edition hues and rich ingredients. Five percent of proceeds from the item are donated to help protect our pollinating friends.

6. Apple Watch in Rose Gold

Had your eye on an Apple Watch? Now it’s in your color. This thing is marvel and a sexy piece of jewelry– you can’t really beat that.

7. Palais Des Thes

Travel all over the world without leaving the comfort of your living room with this lovely gift set that features signature artisanal tea from around the

8. Charles Chocolates

This is not your mom’s one-pound box of nuts and chews. This chocolatier based in Emeryville, CA is world-famous for its wares. Indulge in some triple chocolate almonds or a mini-toffee. So delicious!

If your family is determined to surprise you for Mother’s Day, maybe think about ways you can hint to them playfully, or you know, leave behind that not-so-obvious list. You can also always treat yourself; you deserve it! Or – simply do what lots of women who have it all do: just opt for some quality time with the people you love. Maybe a combo of all of the above will provide to you the ultimate Mother’s Day for 2016!

However you end up celebrating, give the people around you a chance to appreciate your hard work and care. The holiday actually ends up being a treat to everyone