Executive Moms: 9 Easy Ways to Boost Your Self-Care and Feel Great


Sometimes adding in some little things can make a huge difference in how you look and feel.  And you deserve to look and feel great!

With work, children, attending to friends, and maintaining a healthy partnership, we all get worn down, even if we have the whole kit-and-caboodle down to a science.  You eat right, get your exercise, and do your best to squeeze in seven hours of sleep a night, but overwhelm is inevitable sometimes, and stress is a real factor in our outlook and physical health.

In the spirit of Self-Improvement Month, try out a few of these simple things you can add in with almost zero effort, to give yourself a little nudge and optimize the good work you are already doing.  In other words, don’t see these things as luxuries; see them as well-deserved enhancements that you worked hard to earn. 

  1. Bodywork.  Ancient cultures didn’t see getting a massage as a treat; they viewed it as an essential part of health maintenance.  Professional healing touch can relieve tension, realign bones and muscles, stimulate circulation, and reduce chronic pain.  Try deep tissue, chiropractic, hot stone, acupressure, and reflexology.  Experiment with the modality that really works for you, or rotate them. 
  2. Vitamin B shot.  Deficiency in Vitamin B can lead to concentration problems, mood issues like depression, and fatigue.  You can take a supplement but the shot is a quick infusion that will instantly give you energy and it only takes a second. 
  3. Bump your probiotic intake.  There is mounting evidence that gut health relates directly to our quality of life, even affecting our mood1.  You don’t have to pop a pill either, just make sure you get a daily dose of yogurt, kefir, miso, or pickled veggies like Kim chi or sauerkraut.  This will help protect against sickness and maintain your healthy weight. 
  4. Get a classy new hairstyle.  One thing that happens to ladies as they get older is that they decide what looks good and they stick with it.  But changing your appearance is instant gratification, and older women look fantastic when they do something bold like go lighter or shorter. 
  5. Invest in expensive footwear.  Some professional women who are on their feet all day will actually have shoes custom-made.  Sounds crazy but if you go with a classic style, those shoes will last you decades and your feet will thank you.  Also check in with your doctor and get an orthopedic exam regularly to prevent chronic pain.
  6. Aromatherapy.  How do you wake up in the morning?  To a snarky alarm clock or to a gentle blue glow and the smell of jasmine?  There are amazing humidifiers on the market that also serve as alarm clocks and you can tailor the scent to maximize your mood. 
  7. Lemon water first thing.  Before you exercise, eat, or drink that first coffee, chug a glass of water with a squeeze of lemon in it.  This primes your digestive tract for the hard work it will do, and alkalinizes your system to maintain pH. 
  8. Soak.  Whether you get in the bath, go for a swim, indulge in the hot tub, or take yourself to the hot springs, the body wants emersion.  Floating is an easy way to combat stress. 
  9. Flush your closet.  This project may take a little more time, but the results will be extremely liberating.  One of the things women do to our detriment is hang onto clothes we don’t fit into anymore, thinking hopefully that one day we’ll be 20 again.  It’s an energy suck and a waste of space.  If it doesn’t fit, hand it on and make a deal with yourself that the only clothes that belong in your closet are the ones that fit you and look great.   

The object is not to make daily life more complicated so cherry-picking the things that work for you can give you that edge you are looking for.  One of the nice things about becoming more mature is that we care less about what others think when it comes to personal style or lifestyle choices and we get better about doing what is right for us. 


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