Diversity in the Workplace

Building a diverse workforce plays a large role when it comes to maintaining a successful business. Choosing employees with different sets of skills will not only help your company acquire a more well-rounded overall knowledge on individual activities, but it will help your company actually grow. Here are a few things to keep in mind in regards to diversity in the work place:

Susie AlmaneihFirst, be deliberate when it comes to diversity. This means that you should go out of your way to attract more women in your business along with employees with different ethnic backgrounds.  According to an article published by The Globe and Mail that speaks about why making an effort to bring diversity in the workforce was worth the effort for TribeHR, a cloud human capital management company that was founded in 2009:

“We’ve made a point of putting more effort into attracting and welcoming female developers and providing them strong opportunities to succeed. For example, we make sure we include one or more of our female developers at every recruitment initiative we do and that we have at least one female interviewer on our technical panel interviews,” (Fung, Why Building a Diverse Work Force is Worth the Effort).

Making an effort to implement strict changes is a vital part of company growth. Employees should all be treated equally, and it does takes change and charge to make sure that happens.

Next, always make sure your new hires feel welcomed and like a part of the team – even if they’re shy and nervous at first. Pairing a new hire with a buddy who’s been at the company for a while is a great way to help your newer employees feel in the loop. You can also try a catered company lunch, or a fun excursion with your team after you’ve gained some new hires.

In terms of events and activities that take place outside of work, ensure that everyone is included. TribeHR’s approach to diversifying social events is a great example to mimic:

“We want everyone to feel welcome attending our activities outside of work, so we ensure we have a diverse array of work-related events – athletic or entertainment, alcohol-free or drink-friendly, adult only or family and weekend or weekday. We have run events ranging from hackathons to baseball games, to circus classes, to pot-lucks, to golf lessons and even Arnold Schwarzenegger movie marathons. It’s easy to fall into a groove; it’s much harder to make sure that you cover all possible options,” (Fung, Why Building a Diverse Work Force is Worth the Effort).Susie Almaneih

Always remember that each of your employees are unique and like different activities. You don’t want to get stuck in a situation where a monthly happy-hour turns into only four of your employees going out for drinks. Switch it up, give your company something exciting to look forward to – you can even try sticking to season-related events if you live in a climate that allows you to do so.

Last, don’t be afraid to have a difficult conversation with your employees. Many times discrimination and bias get swept under the rug, which will often lead to employees leaving your company and an overall unhappy environment. Don’t let those things slide because you may not see everything as a manager or CEO of a company, so talk to your employees and make transparency one of your company’s most important quality.