7 Dos and Don’ts for Holiday Marketing Efforts

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 It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (for Marketing): 7 Dos and Don’ts for Holiday Marketing Efforts

Thanksgiving kicks off a sometimes-crazy holiday shopping season; the days from Black Friday through Christmas pull in up to 100% more revenue compared to shopping days throughout the rest of the year.  Additionally, according to Statista and the National Retail Federation, the season accounts for around 20% of that industry’s total annual sales.

With such staggering statistics for retail and beyond, it’s no surprise that this time of the year can do wonders for your business.  But how can you best take advantage of this golden opportunity?  What exactly should you aim to do and what should you absolutely not do?

Let’s take a look at some important points to consider, as you make your list and check it twice:


1. DO think about charities.

While gift baskets for your clients can earn you good will, also think about directing that money toward a charitable event or needy cause instead.  You can even send a card to your clients stating that you’ve made a donation in their name.  Spread word to the community about your philanthropic holiday activities via social media, a press release, or even your online blog.  Once you establish this positive reputation, don’t coast on it.  Try to remain a positive community force year-round.  This doesn’t necessarily mean constant monetary donations; it can be hosting a fundraiser or encouraging company-wide volunteer days.  The holidays serve as the perfect time to start building this type of public-facing partnership.

2. DO host a contest or give-away.

The holidays are the perfect time of year to be generous – not just to charities but also to your invaluable customers.  Running a social contest or giveaway is one way you can give gifts to your loyal followers.  Make sure to pick something that’s juicy enough to be shareable, but not so generic that you fill your social profiles with new followers who will never become customers.

3. DO have a strong campaign with a clear outcome.

The best results from holiday marketing come from brands that utilize strong campaigns across all suitable online and offline channels.  From advertising and promotions to the product itself, if you have a strong campaign, you can focus all energy accordingly.  Be mindful to not piggyback onto Christmas marketing simply because you can.  Think about what you want to achieve (Improved brand awareness and exposure?  Increased online sales?), and incorporate the right metrics to measure your results.

4. DO have a clear message.

With countless other businesses competing for customer attention over the holidays, your brand message needs to stand out.  What differentiates you and what you have to offer?  Keep your goals in mind and your messaging consistent across all channels.  This results in a greater impact, stronger trust, and higher ROI.

5. DO use remarketing.

Remarketing isn’t just a general year-round strategy; it’s a technique that’s ideally suited to holiday shopping buying behavior.  Think about how you purchased gifts last year.  Did you click on the first ad you saw to buy the first product on sale at that first website you visited?  Of course not.  Chances are you researched and shopped around for the very best deals, just like millions of other people.  This presents a crucial opportunity for marketers using remarketing, as it allows them to capture “lost” traffic by capitalizing on prospects’ reluctance to buy from the first site they visit in the hopes of finding a better deal elsewhere.


6. DON’T forget to reconnect with your target audience.

Social media is an ideal way to build an ongoing relationship with existing and potential customers, and the holidays serve as the right timing to take full advantage of this.  As part of Christmas campaigns, factor in one or two posts a day on appropriate social networks.  This allows you to show the personality behind your business.  If you build relationships first, sales will follow.

7. DON’T let customers get away from you in the New Year

Don’t throw your holiday marketing efforts away once the New Year has begun.  Find ways to capture information and continue to engage your target well into 2016.

In summary, this holiday season provides a wonderful opportunity to increase business and brand awareness, while earning new fans and attention.  Keeping these tips in mind will allow you to succeed in your efforts now, and into the profitable New Year ahead.