5 Easy Day trips for Kids in Northern California

It’s hard not to try and wring some extra quality time out of the last few weeks of summer, but planning a big trip takes time you might not have.  Here are some easy day trip suggestions that only require snacks, sunscreen and a tank of gas.
1. Tilden Park, East Bay.  This park is located in the foothills of Berkeley and it features a working replica of a steam train that you and the kids can ride, a botanical garden, and a small farm. 
2. Bay Area Discovery Museum, Sausalito.  Get out of the heat where kids can make some wacky art, take a workshop on waves, or participate in a performance. 
3. Muir Woods, Mill Valley.  There is nothing like walking among the oldest living things on earth.  This forest is like few on the planet, inspiring awe in all its visitors. 
4. Tech Museum, San Jose. This place is a treat for kids who love to take things apart, explore systems, or just run around and have fun.  There is a great section on sustainability here too. 
5. Exploratorium, San Francisco. At its new location, this highly inventive and
interactive museum is a whole new level of “edutainment.” 

Give your kids something to talk about when they get back to school.  These days are a great time to be spontaneous without a huge expense in time or money.  Fall will be here soon enough, so squeeze in some more family fun while you can.