Susie Almaneih | Biography

SusiespiccroppedSusie Almaneih knows that climbing the corporate ladder is a difficult challenge for anyone, especially if you’re a woman. But, she has proven that with a strong work ethic and motivation women can achieve the same number of goals that men can. With advanced experience in the technology, marketing, and sales fields, Susie knows what it takes to climb the ladder of success from the bottom to the top. Throughout the years, she has worked for various technology and product development businesses, saving companies over $4.5 million in operational expenses.

Susie Almaneih’s Passion for Small Businesses:

From early on in her career, Ms. Almaneih always had a passion for startup businesses. After receiving her Bachelors degree in Economics and Finance from Baldwin Wallace University in Ohio, Susie earned her first job with a transportation company as an analyst. There, she taught herself how to do Pivot Tables in Excel in order to analyze port to port transportation data. Though it took time, effort, and endless determination, her skills with Excel helped the company to win one of its biggest deals at the time. From then on Susie recognized what it takes to start from the bottom and work your way up. She realized this was how many startup businesses worked, and became an advocate for working with small businesses, eventually making her way up to her role as entrepreneur.

Susie believes startups fire up a lot of excitement on the market because they have come to represent the positives of free enterprise: a vibrant approach to product development, innovation, a work-smarter-not-harder attitude and inspiring branding. As incubators for creativity and innovation, these smaller, sleeker organizations have their finger on the public pulse. She believes that large corporations, by contrast, get bogged down by bureaucracy, hierarchy and myopic processes that stifle innovation.

According to Ms. Almaneih, more and more large companies are attempting to think and, at times, act like startups. Some large companies have even resorted to forming small divisions within the organization that are more nimble, flexible and innovative. Some of the key characteristics from startups that have motivated big business are: creative innovation and flexibility, better responses to disruption, tighter deadlines, and a tight ring of communication. In Susie Almaneih’s mind, small is big – and every business should think like a startup.

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